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People are becoming more environmentally-conscious these days, although they still desire to see more of the world. One of the ways to marry these two is to opt for eco-friendly holidays. The fact is, you don’t need to fly halfway…

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When it comes to Welsh hotels, newest does not always mean better. In fact, most of the best ones are centuries-old buildings. They have modern furnishings and all the luxury you will want during your holiday. Here is a guide…


If you ever want to see those cute towns featured on postcards, then you should head over to Ireland. They have these quaint houses and buildings that are not only pretty but are also where the kind and hospitable locals…


No matter how carefully you plan your trip, unexpected things can always come up. For example, your luggage can end up lost or stolen or you can fall ill while abroad. In these situations, having insurance coverage can truly make…


Scotland is full of natural beauty which every visitor learns to appreciate during his visit. While the cities Edinburgh and Glasgow dominate the lists of places to see here, there are many more destinations that you should include in your…


If you’re an avid dog-lover or even a self-confessed pet parent, then you know the importance of positive reinforcement in fostering that special bond between you and your furry canine friend. However, instead of giving delicious and nutritious treats for your pooch, we’d suggest giving them a treat that will help them feel really special. Our recommendation? Bring them to any of these dog-friendly holiday destinations in the UK.


King Arthur’s tale has been told all over the world for centuries. Movies, children’s books, TV series and many more have been made in adaptation from the tale of the famous king. From what we know, Camelot was the place where it all began. Unknown to most, Camelot now is actually a place called Cornwall. Located in the southwestern peninsula of England, Cornwall is rich in history and is home to a number of major heritage sites.


This road will bring you back in time, making you feel like you are back in the Victorian Area. You will be able to see the West Highland Line, which is known for being one of the greatest train trips in the world. You can also view Ben Nevis, stopping at the whiskey distillery named after this mountain. Other locations include popular movie locations, like Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was featured in the Harry Potter movies. Towards the end, you can see Loch Morar, which is the deepest freshwater lake in the UK.

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Going on a gastronomic adventure in the best restaurants of UK is like going on a historical journey as each region has its own unique culinary heritage to share. Though vastly different in cooking philosophy, one thing is common among UK’s best seaside restaurants – they only use the freshest catch and the freshly-picked farm produce of the day to give you and other diners only the best in dining experience. Expect good food and awesome sea views on the UK coast.


The beautiful rolling countryside and awe-inspiring coastal scenery of of Devon in South West England offer the perfect chance to visitors to sit back, take a deep breath of fresh, country air, and relax. Which is not to say Devon is entirely tranquil: there are plenty of fast-paced activities for adrenaline junkies, plus exciting nightlife in the cities. There is also an abundance of amazing places to stay including hotels, campsites, holiday parks and many fantastic Devon holiday cottages by the sea for self-catering independence.


Everyone needs a vacation. If you want one with your family, here are some delightful places for you to visit in the UK. Planning the vacation begins when you abandon purpose; holidays are meant to be fun. These UK tourism hotspots provide a blend of natural beauty of landscape with cultural extravaganza. First time visitors on their vacation to UK should visit these tourist hotspots.


There are many fine Cornwall holiday cottages, which are perfect for families, couples or groups of friends. With these self-catering cottages you have your own home-away-from-home and a superb location to explore all the charm that Cornwall possesses. For some ideas see this guide to cottage holidays in the UK.